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Posted on: July 31, 2010

Jeff and Co – Property Solutions came this morning bright and early at 8:30.  I wasn’t quite ready but I persevered.  He looked over all the things left to do and looked at the roof leak.  He’ll give me an estimate and I’m sure it will be more than $500.  Appears that the shingles were laid on wrong.  I’ll have him take pictures so I can verify it if I ever see Chuck.

I looked around the internet for a place that would have grass killer.  Finally decided I should go to town to check Tractor Supply and when the Robertson check arrived I figured it would be Lafayette.  Turns out Bennett had what I needed and then a quick swing by Walmart filled my car with 50% off plants for the yard.  I’m going to whip it in shape soon! 

When I returned, I had a green turrett!!!  Pictures will be added.  The house is looking great.  Now the yard.   I sprayed grass killer – wish it would melt though – attacked trees with PI killer and searched for more PI.  Think I’ll take the 2 Redbuds down that are coming up in front of the house and off to the side.  It seems to make the house more closed in rather than welcoming.

Back hurt and I checked my glucose tonight – 155.  Oh well I forgot to take my medicine this morning!  But I have been working lots around the yard.  Guess I should do some running and lifting weights. 

Listening to Innocent Man by John Grisham.  So depressing to see what can happen to people when the legal system is against them.

Scanned a few items and then I get messages about lacking memory.  I can’t even figure out where it is talking about!

Started working on pictures for a Walgreens scrapbook since they are on sale.  However, the pictures are not very flexible meaning I can’t adjust them to fill the page or use all of the photo.  20 pages for $12 plus shipping of 6.99 and it is taking all night.  I think I can make my own scrapbook for less than that.  Try tomorrow!

Working also on the American Foresty Magazines.  Finding very interesting papers.  A magazine called American City – from the 1900’s.  Wish I could find some of those. 

Think I’ll watch a movie right now.

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