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Columbus Smokey House

Posted on: July 3, 2010

Looked at the Smokey house on Indianola.  I really do like it and there isn’t much that it needs besides getting the smoke out, cleaning and painting. 

As luck – at least mine – there’s a possible contract on the house,  3rd time now, and I can’t do anything until the Brownsburg house sells.  October! 

Simon went with me and he was very helpful as usual.  He noticed the lack of support on the porch.

After the house we went stopped at La Chatelaine to use their bathroom and get a snack while we were there.  2 chocolate eclairs, 2 chocolate croissants, and an egg sandwich for me.   One croissant was for Dad, but it didn’t make it to the afternoon – consumed by Simon and Annalise.

Met Amy and Annalise at Joanne’s where Annalise was picking out material to be Belle and Cinderella.  She loves to dress up and imagine.  Most of the time everyone is part of the imaginary group, Pocohontas and company, Belle and the rest, etc.

Did some hooping this afternoon while Simon and Annalise scootered. 

Planted hostas and did some weeding with everyone. Simon likes to water but prefers using the hardest setting.   

Tonight, Annalise is singing everything, events, songs from princess stories.  She’s so cute and funny. 

Tomorrow to Innes Wood and Easton!

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