Bits of Life

Wild night! Literally

Posted on: July 1, 2010

Spent a great evening at dinner with Karen.  Began driving home around 8 pm.  Looked at some fencing for the back yard and headed down 52.  On a utility pole I saw 2 large objects which turned out to be a pair of red tails.  Very unusual except at mating and rearing time I think.  I drove by then swung back for a few pictures.  I lingered and drove slowly past which makes them suspicious so one takes off.  I circled and took more photos until they abandoned 52 and headed for a remote county road. 

I drove to Colfax and when I got out of my car I heard a funny set of noises in the back yard.  In the low branches of my pussy willow were 2 fuzzy creatures that weren’t squirrels.  About the color of doves but much too big.  I grabbed my camera and approached.  The chatter was coming from birds as well as these 2 in my tree.  One turned and I could see it was a small owl.  They moved as I crept closer, but I could still see the pointy “ears” of the eastern screech owl and the other was very fuzzy and about the same size, probably a chick.  It was too dark for my camera to get a good picture.  Darn thing wouldn’t focus.  They flew away to another tree and I could tell where they were by the cacophany created by the birds in the neighborhood.  Hope they come back!!

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