Bits of Life

Zoo Day

Posted on: June 9, 2010

I mean this quite literally.  We went to the zoo with School for Young Children kids and 2 teachers.  Wonderful time, animals were out, took lots of pictures and got really tired.  All in all a special day.

The other zoo part of the day – Citimortgage keeps asking for information and now they are telling me that I’m at the 90 day limit and they will start charging me a fee.  I never dragged my feet on anything, I sent everything when asked.  The Clinton County Area Plan Commission changed the parcel numbers recently, so they don’t match with the house number.  The house numbers were also changed by the same group a number of years ago.  I have to get a verification from the APC of what my parcel and house number are.  The person at APC wasn’t able to drop what she was doing and take care of my needs.  So I’m going to be penalized by Citimortgage.  But they say the problem was trying to get the 2nd lein holder information.  I’m actually getting sick of this. 

Other zoo moment- I haven’t received the June payment from the Robertson’s and so tonight they admit that they hadn’t planned on paying since they had so many other closing costs!!!  Well now isn’t that nice.  So I get to pay my mortgage and they get to choose not to pay it.    Terrific! 

See a zoo kind of day!!

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