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Mother’s Day

Posted on: May 10, 2010

Went to breakfast at Flo’s Diner. Visited with Christine and we went to Walmart to get new glasses.  I’ll say more here. 

Then I went to Forest Lawn Memorial Garden to take flowers to Mom’s grave.  I can’t believe it has been nearly 7 years. 

Then dropped by Dick and Judy’s for a visit.  Had a nice time but probably kept Judy up too late I had forgotten she goes to bed early.  I left about 9 pm.

I looked around the cemetery to see flowers at most of the graves, so when I was drawn to the grave next to Mom, I took note that there were no flowers but the grave marker said “Beloved Daughter, Wife and Mother.  Then I noticed she died at 25.  I reflected on her child and the loss of your mother at such a young age.  As I looked at the grave and put a flower in the cup, I hoped that nothing terrible had happened to her.  I decided to find out about her.  Much to my horror, something terrible did happen to her.  At first I thought it must have been someone else, but the name Terena Fermenick is so odd that I knew it was her.  She was murdered in Alameda CA when her daughter was 5 mo old.  It was an awful story.  I’ll always think of her and her daughter.

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Thank you for putting a beautiful yellow rose on my Bestfriends grave:) She was such a great person! Always had a smile on her face and loved her husband don and regan with all her heart. I wasn’t able to go to her funeral…I live in California and couldn’t afford to fly back. this was the first time I’ve seen her grave marker.

I was struck by her age and it said she was a beloved wife and mother, but there weren’t any flowers.

I also looked up the information about her death. So tragic.

I’m glad you were able to see her grave with the flower. I will place a flower everytime I visit my Mom’s grave.

My best, Rita

It’s nice to know someone is putting flowers on her grave, and took the time to research her story. Although her baby girl lost her mom so tragically at 5 months old, her dad and the mom who have raised her in Terena’s absence have raised a wonderful young lady whom I’m sure would make Terena proud.

Thanks. It was my pleasure to remember her in that very small way.

So you are the one! Thank you so much! I am her sister… and I do visit several times a year (my mom is buried next to her). I do not live close (an hour and a half away), but I try to visit as often as I can. I went last weekend to put flowers in her and mom’s vase and was devastated to find it was not in proper condition (I had visited 3 weeks prior to get it ready after the winter and asked the grounds crew to fix it). I have flowers in my trunk, ready to go and hope to be back there in the next few days (take 3)! Thank you for taking the time to look into the story of my sister. She was the most beautiful person I know and I credit the love of my mom and dad for that! Her daughter has grown into a beautiful girl as well and I can honestly say that Terena would be proud of the life her daughter has with her father and mother Mandy. Thank you again!

I don’t get to Indiana very much lately since moving to Ohio. But when I’m there, I make it a point to visit my mom and dad’s grave and your sister is nearby. Last time I was there I saw flowers in Terena’s vase. Sorry that it has since broken. Such a tragedy for your family.

With the advent of facebook, after I looked up the story of your sister, I found her daughter’s page. Everyone looked very happy. I was glad to see that.

You are welcome!


Thank you very much!

Regan, Your message got lost in my email. Wanted you to know you are very welcome!

I was on the jury in 1996. What happened to Terena was horrific. I have always wondered how her daughter and her husband are doing. I am now a mom of three daughters, for her to be taken away at such a young age from her beautiful daughter and husband is heartbreaking.
My husband was recently called to jury duty, and it has brought it all back. I pray Regan and Donald are doing well.
Kim D.

Thank you for your courage to sit on the jury. Terena’s daughter has grown to be a beautiful young lady. Her husband Don married a wonderful woman who has been a blessing to our family. If Terena could have handpicked someone to be the mother of her child and the wife to her husband, it would be Mandy. They have 2 additional daughters besides Regan.

I continue to keep in touch with the AG as we are still in the appeals process. I won’t let them forget her. I have also kept in close contact with the lead detective on the case…he has become a big brother to me. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Donna (Terena's sister)

I’m so happy to know that Terena’s daughter and husband found a very special person to continue their lives with.


Terena was family. Bless you your kindness and for caring about a soul you’ve never met. You would have liked her….

I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’m sure I would have liked her.


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