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Found notes about Grands

Posted on: May 8, 2010

Not sure when I wrote these, probably 6 mo or so ago. 

Annalise mimics Mom on the cell phone.  It is so funny, she says, Uh, huh; ok; laughs; says goodbye.

While watching Monk, Annalise decides to watch something, so she ejects the DVD and puts in her own movie.

Simon taught Annalise to say “hogweed” for animal sounds.  Like what does the bear say – response “hogweed”. 

Tues – Stratford Ecological Center

Wed – fixed shade garden and watched Dad play soccer

Thurs – Upper Arlington Park; Habitat for Humanity plant sale; made more clay animals

Friday – Tennis practice; pictures of Giant Hogweed at Whetstone;

Saturday – found purple loosestrife at Antrim Park; painted Annalise’s toenails

Sunday – Simon rode with Mom in AM; Lucia’s party; removed vines from fence; locating wood for trellis

Another week –

Saturday – rain worms (?), Oakland Nursery; Clintonville Farmers Market – lots of veggies

Sunday – gardening; Mom and Dad went to a movie; acrobat Annalise fell 3 times – off the couch, off a folding chair, tripped over choo-choo

Monday – Dawes Arboretum – I know these dates

July 3rd – I think I just arrived to Amy and Jeff’s

July 4 – Worthington Farmer’s Market with Grace and family, Grandma chasing an escaped Annalise and I caught a step and fell forward.  It was just like everyone explains.  I could see myself fall forward, bag of apples flying, and purse scattering.  Scraped myself pretty good.  People were so kind.  They picked up the apples, a lady offered to take me home, people came up with bandages, picked up my purse.  I was less hurt than mortified that I had tripped like that.  I did hurt my left fingers pretty good, I must have jammed them into the sidewalk. 

We worked in the garden after returning home.

July 5th – Sunday Oakland Nursery, Whetstone Park looking for giant hogweed, took long walk with Dad and Annalise, then went to Denice’s for ice cream.  Made s’mores.

6th – Monday – Library storytime and playground

7th – Tuesday – Playdate with Gabo

Now I can shred the paper notes.

6th –

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