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Decisions, Decisions! May 7

Posted on: May 7, 2010

Property Solutions arrived to give me an estimate for painting the house.  He thinks about $3,000.  Which I guess isn’t so bad if it allows me to sell the house!  Curb Appeal is what it’s all about. 

I went to Lafayette to fax my permission for Finiti to get info from PEFCU about my Home Equity.  I guess they are including that in the refinance.  That is good!

Went to Sherwin-Williams to decide on colors – chose Sommelier for exterior, billiard green for turret and an off white for the trim.

Now if I can just get Hays and Sons to repaint the turret that they did a horrible job on! 

Lawn mower didn’t work after one pass around the grass.  Hopefully it over heated.  I put it away and I’ll get it out tomorrow. 

Hurt my back this morning while moving a plastic container – just moved the wrong direction!!  It felt OK while I was mowing and moving plants before the rain came.  Think I’ll move more tomorrow and spray weeds if the weather cooperates! 

Need to scan some more pictures! 

OH, the best part, I have an adorable house wren living in a birdhouse in my front yard.  My camera won’t let me get a good shot of him.  Love to have a longer lens!!

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