Bits of Life

April 27

Posted on: April 28, 2010

My legs are feeling creepy right now.  RLS strikes again.

Yucky day – regarding Colfax home.  Lynda tells me it is worth about $48,000!  She thinks I should short sell it.  Don’t know what that means. 

2 houses and can’t get rid of them.  What a stupid dilemna! 

I’m going to look into Help U Sell and listing on Craig’s List.

I can’t take a huge loss.

While Simon and I were on an errand, he asked what was the scariest thing that ever happened to me.  I related the story of going with Dotty Worgess to watch my dad play BB in Nurnberg.  When we left to go back to the dorm, a car drove up by us, stopped and turned around.  We started running and screaming.  Men got out of the car and chased us. 

Turns out they were plain clothes MPs and they thought we were looking in the windows of a men’s jail. 

We were taken to the MP station and sat waiting for my dad.  A drunk was in one of the holding cells and he kept yelling.  “Is that all you do is pick on drunks and little girls!” 

Dad came in and verified our story.  What a night.  We went back to the dorm, but I don’t think the counselor believed our story about being late! 

He also wanted to know what was my most boring day.  I told him about a statistics class.  More tomorrow.

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