Bits of Life

April 3

Posted on: April 3, 2010

Sometimes technology is good!  Sitting at BW3 watching MSU and Butler on a gi-normous screen.  So much noise!!

Back to technology.  My card reader doesn’t work either.  It is a 6 in one, but as luck would have it.  My card is too large.  So I have to take that back also!

Butler tied it up with less than a minute to go.  but MSU could take the lead but they missed a shot and Butler got it back with 2.5 sec.  This is why they call it March Madness.  Although it is now April??   Makes me think of the Mad Hatter.

At my Dr appt.  they did blood work and although my blood sugar is better and near the level they want, I’m supposed to begin taking that Metformin again.  It is so nasty tasting!! 

Also my cholesterol balances isn’t good.  Would be great if they could give me a prescription for a bicycle instead of pills.  Seems as it would save everyone money.

I’ll send that to the Obamacare folks.

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