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That’s life February 12, 2010

Posted on: February 13, 2010

Short notes tonight.  Drove the Subaur to CARS for a windshield wiper repair and walked home.  Only about 1/2 mile, but the sidewalks were covered with snow globs from snowplows.

Clay class – just glazed my work and spoke with Donna about retirement plans.  She mentioned Executive Women’s Golf Association – might sign up.

Took Simon for haircut – he gets so unhappy when his routine is broken – what routine – staying home. 

Went to Larson’s to get a set of policemen with his allowance.  He’s purchasing on advanced payments.

Simon and I walked over to get the car.  We pretended we were Bear Grylls (Man vs. Wild) as we traversed over the Himilayas and up Mt Everest.

Annalise is so cute.  She loves her Princess dolls.  Wants to watch Cinderella (or any Princess story), play Cinderella and read Cinderella, all at the same time.  Such a cute sweet voice.  Talks up a storm now.  Very adult words in a little tiny voice.

Yesterday – went head first over the armless chair.  Scared me to death.  I turned around in time to see the dive and direct hit on the floor.  She cried quite alot.  Then wanted to recreate it!!!  Amy was at the doctor’s.

Later in the evening she went diving for the chair again and rolled off it onto the floor.  Mom moved the chair and Annalise was unhappy.  She wanted to move it back as part of her obstacle course!!

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