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That’s life January 23, 2010

Posted on: January 24, 2010

Today started out well. Decided to eat at the Chatterbox. It isn’t the same as it was when I first moved here. There were tables with chairs and now there are booths and so you can’t talk from table to table.

Bill Funk is gone. His gang doesn’t show up except for Dean and he sits alone. Chuck Logan doesn’t come in. A lively discussion was happening at the round table, which is where many opinions had been expressed over the years. Now they were talking about schools closing for no reason, the length of the school year, the cuts at Purdue yet they are still building. They don’t know that all the buildings are due to private funds. Oh, well, I just took it all in.

I started removing the remaining wall paper on the hall between the bathroom and kitchen. It took most of the day. With the steamer up close to the top of the ceiling, it was like working in a sauna. Not all bad and with my arms over my head most of the time, it may be a good workout.

I don’t have anything to eat here, so I walked up to the store for a Coke Zero and a healthy snack to tide me over till dinner at Stookey’s. As I walked past the house, I noticed a large hole in the turret over the porch. Just great!! I called State Farm and I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow. It is so large it is like someone tried to walk around on it.

Can’t get the scanner to work with the laptop so no scanning of pictures.

I had catfish, sweet potato and coleslaw at Stookey’s and began reading Lawrence Block’s book on writing fiction. Chris Sigurdson gave it to me. Would be nice if it lead to getting Bur Oak Chronicles published!!

Tired tonight and it is only 8:45.

Must finish the hall and put a coat of paint on tomorrow.

Almost forgot, mouse count is now 6. I threw them outside on their sticky traps. I wonder if a cat or dog found them and got stuck to the traps themselves. What a picture!!

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