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That’s life January 22, 2010

Posted on: January 22, 2010

Spent the Tuesday through Thursday at the Indiana Arborist meeting. It was great to see folks and greater to walk around free of responsibility!! I only had one relapse. I walked in and found the registration table back in Liberty Hall and I said to Karen and Julie – “What is this doing back here!” Then I grabbed my mouth and kept a lid on it for the rest of the time.

It was really easy. Julie is doing a wonderful job as Business Manager. Lindsey is a great people person and he has lots of contacts throughout Indiana.

Upon returning home Thursday I found a decomposed mouse on a sticky trap I had left a month ago. I set out 4 more Friday morning and went on an errand run in Lafayette. I purchased more of the spring traps feeling it a bit more humane to kill them quickly.

When I got home, I found 4 mice squirming to free themselves from the glue traps. One was quite small, so I wonder where the community is and how many of them there are! I have already lost my beautiful purple crocheted scarf to them. It was in little pieces, so I know there’s an elegantly lined nest somewhere.

I gathered the 4 up and tossed them outside to become a tasty meal for something. Recycling!!

I put out 4 new traps coated with peanut butter. One is already missing its peanut butter and the trap was not sprung! So I set a sticky trap next to it. I added a spoon with peanut butter on it to the trap.

SNAP! I got one! that’s 5!

I’m closing credit card accounts that I don’t use or don’t need to use. Took 6 minutes to close the Sears Account. This is exhausting!

Funny thing is some of them I never activated, so to close them I have to activate them!!

macy – 4 minutes
Chase – 3 minutes
home depot – 6 minutes and they tried to give me a 10% credit if I kept it open.
TJ Maxx – 2 minutes, but I was interrupted by a phone request for money to FNR.
Lowe’s – 3.30 minutes
menards – done – played a game of Spider Solitare as a diversion
best buy – 8 minutes

lazarus, talbot and old navy are next, but I’ll practice some French now and then head for bed. I’m still on the first lesson. Vocabulary is next. I like the Rosetta Stone method, I need the visual as well as the words.

Getting these cards taken care of makes me feel so much better.

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