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That’s life – January 10, 2010

Posted on: January 11, 2010

Days fly by! I finished reading “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. The author’s note surprised me – he said the people were real but some changes were made. Of course that could be part of the book as well. I can surely believe him though after living in a small town. Characters abound.

Simon, Amy and Jeff went sledding today. Annalise was to go, but she decided to play upstairs. We spent an hour playing with her stuffed animals – boating, ballooning, napping. It was quite fun. She’s quite a character.

Last week, after our first significant snow, Simon and I took a walk. He was able to identify the hibiscus and other plants in their winter finery. He said, “I think winter is for cleansing.” I do have to agree.

I’ve been thinking of asking Thenea if she’d like to rent my house. I know she’d take care of it, we’d need to come to an equitable financial situation for her.

Jeff identified 18 homes for us to look at. Some are terrific!

My blood sugar has been below 130. This morning it was 104. I can’t help but think the weight reduction is helping. I’m not taking the metformin – UGH! It was so nasty tasting. No matter what I ate with it- blech!!

Something else I noticed – when I have a Klondike fudge bar (100 calorie – no sugar), I sleep all night. I think it is crazy, but it seems to work.

This week begins a new session at the Rec center. Annalise is taking a gym class, Amy and I adult clay, Simon is taking a breather from classes. He wants more school!!

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