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That’s life – December 10

Posted on: December 11, 2009

Ok, I’m cheating a bit because today is December 11, but I was too busy sulking yesterday to write anything.

Today was good. I went to my clay class and made 2 coil bowls. I’ll add pictures after I glaze them this week.

Tonight made alphabet and number pretzels with the kids. It was fun.

Now to yesterday. I went to Talbot’s to buy a jacket then picked up Annalise from school. While there, the zipper on my jacket came apart from the bottom up. I returned to Talbot’s and they had a bit of trouble getting me out of it. Turned it back in and drove over to a local (Columbus) Navy installation to get my new ID card which had expired June 30, 2009. I was having trouble getting a hold of my Express Scripts on line, so now I know why.

I called ahead to find out what I needed and they said – two forms of ID. So upon presenting them, the man said “oh, you will need to have a letter from the Navy saying I am eligible”. He gave me a couple phone numbers to call. Great – so much for calling in advance. I also checked on a Military ID website and it said the same thing – 2 forms of ID. Didn’t mention that if I am a former spouse, that I needed verification.

While on my way home I realized my GPS unit wasn’t working, so I switched plugs, unplugged and plugged the unit. Nothing!! I think I’ll email Randy Woodson, since he’s the one who handed it to me at the Retirement event. So I only get 6 months of use!!

I was feeling so frustrated that I thought about stopping to get iced coffee with real cream and real sugar!! Living on the edge!

I did (in one day) get through to the Navy place in Tennessee and found out that I have to send them a copy of my marriage license and divorce decree and have a notarized statement saying that I have not remarried and that Tri-care is my only medical insurance. Then I will get a letter to take to the ID place and get my new card.

I put all this into perspective though because the wife of one of my high school friends has metastasized breast cancer.

So my day was actually pretty great!

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